Brief History

 In the southern extremity of the town of Getafe, lies vast productive agricultural land which in early 1930, composed of two big barrios, namely: Buenavista Norte and Buenavista Sur. Then came a handful of people with burning desire to see the township of Buenavista, to wit: Rufo Nuñez, Agustin Membreve, and Estiban Ceniza. These men realized that these two barrios can be united to form a new community- a new political subdivision.

 In 1960, President Carlos P. Garcia, through Executive Order No. 362 proclaimed Buenavista a municipality. Columbio Celocia was appointed the first town executive. It may be recalled that Executive Order No. 362 defined the territorial jurisdiction of Buenavista fixing the boundary at kilometer 76 from Mouth Tawagan to Mouth of Baogo River and Malihao Creek of Getafe.

 Buenavista got its name from the Spanish words “Buena vista” means “good sight”. Why it was called good sight, the story goes in this time-honored legend. In the later part of Spanish colonization in the Philippines the site that is today Poblacion was called ”Pangpang” because of cliff found along the shore



  • Located in the Northern portion of Bohol Province
  • 83 km away from the City of Tagbilaran
  • 30 km from Tubigon & Talibon
  • Accessible by road and sea transportation
  • Another means of transportation through motorized banca from Carbon, Cebu to Buenavista, Bohol.
  1. Income Classification : 4th class Municipality
  2. Physical Characteristic

Total Land Area          : 9,629 hectares

Agricultural        : 4,880.91 hectares

Forest Area         : 4,018.52 hectares

Tourism Area        : 10.29 hectares

Industrial          : 231.44 hectares

Build-up            : 487.84 hectares

  1. Political Subdivision & Demography

No. of Barangays         : 35 barangays

Upland              : 24

Coastal             : 11

Total Population         : 25,351 (2009)

No. of Household         : 4,240

Growth Rate              : 2.25%

Major Source of Livelihood : Farming & Fishing

  1. Education
  • The Municipality has 1 college (Buenavista Community College),
  • 4 secondary schools, 11 complete elementary schools and 18 primary schools
  • 2 private preparatory school
  1. Health

The Municipality has a Municipal Health Office with a Municipal Health Officer, Nurses, midwives, sanitary inspector and dentist, 7 barangay health centers with 200 active barangay health workers.

 Roads, Transportation and Related Infra

 – 32 different barangays roads connecting the 33 barangays        to each other with a total length of 42 km.

– National road is only 22 km while the provincial road is 20 and 2.59 km is municipal road.

– One domestic shipping service to Carbon-Buenavista route while daily routes of PUB and jeepneys to other municipalities and any time to common areas in the municipality using “habal-habal”(motorcycle)


 The residents of Buenavista are currently involved in the following livelihood options although they are in small or medium scale level: loam weaving (raffia making), minor forest products (bamboo, sig-id), nipa thatching, amakan making and livestock raising.


 The Municipality of Buenavista has major telecommunication: Globe, Smart and SUN; 4 internet cafés

  1. Tourism

The Municipality of Buenavista is known for “TALABA CULTURE” and nature expedition called CAMBUHAT RIVER and VILLAGE TOUR primarily involved in paddling along the river, bird watching and tricking.