Plans, Programs, & Projects



  • Agro-commercial Development

  • Ecotourism development

  • Agro-forestry development

  • Economic zone and Central Business District

Sector Priority Programs, Projects, Activities
Social Quality  Education  Enhancement  Program Ø  Lot Purchase  /Constructions of New School building

Ø  Rehabilitation of Day Care Center resilient to disaster and climate change in 35 barangays

Ø  Construction of additional school buildings to elementary and secondary schools

Ø  Construction of additional school buildings of Buenavista Community College at Cangawa, Buenavista, Bohol

Ø  Purchase of lot for the establishment of Public Library

Ø  Construction of vocational schools and skills training centers


Health Services  Improvement  Program Ø  Establish, completion and functionalize birthing centers especially in island barangays

Ø  Construction of CICL Building

Ø  Completion of RHU Building

Ø  Construction of Public Hospital with private investors

Ø  Implementation of Water Sanitation Program

Peace and Order  Enhancement  Program Ø  Installation of Police sub-station at barangay Lubang

Ø  Installation of Police sub-station at other cluster barangays

Ø  Construction of PNP and BFP Building Procure vehicles for law enforcement

Ø  Improvement of the Municipal Jail

Social Welfare Ø  Construction of Senior Citizen and PWDs Buildings with complete facilities
Sports and  Cultural  Development  Program Ø  Rehabilitation of Barangay Sports Centers 

Ø  Construction of Sports center with complete facilities at Strategic area 

Ø  Completion of the cultural center

Socialized Housing Ø  Implementation of land banking

Ø  Acquisition of lots for future housing projects

Ø  Socialized Housing Project for vulnerable sector/displaced households and homeless people

Ø  Install power and water connections in the housing project

Ø  Improve LGU water management services

Ø  Identify specific livelihood project and assist the beneficiaries in the project proposal preparation

Economic Agricultural  Development  Program  Completion of Public market building and trading post  Implementation of Agricultural Productivity Enhancement program  Development and completion of irrigation system  Establishment  of auction market   Establishment and construction of Farmers’ Training and Demonstration Center   Establishment and construction of processing plant   Establishment of Demo Farms  Establishment and promotion of Dive Sites and tourism sites   Implement Backyard Gardening/FAITH Program  Construction of pre and post harvest facilities and equipments, urnitures& fixtures and other needed facilities (MPDP Flatbed Dryer, mechanical thresher, hand tractor, floating tiller Expansion of Seaweed Production areas Invite buyers and sellers of fishery products
Mining  Regulation  Program  Regulate mineral extraction to generate revenue
Revenue  Generation  Program  Establish one stop shop ; Establish site for handicrafts areas and provide trainings in Furniture making, carpentry, woodcraft, handicraft and wood processing
Tourism  Development  Program  Development of ecotourism sites (Cambuhat&Dait) and other potential sites  Completion and establishment of ecotourism bldg and operational center
Infrastructure Water Service  Expansion  Project  Construction, rehabilitation and expansion of water system facilities (Municipal and Barangay Watersystem)  Construction, rehabilitation and improvement of communal irrigation System  Water Source development at Sitio Kabawan (Overland) and Sitio Kalingag (Barangay___________)  Construciton of Small Farm Reservoir (SFR) and Small Water Impounding Project (SWIP)  Provision of rain water catchment facilities (Hunan, Asinan)
Electrification Project  Provide power to upland barangays and island barangays Cabul-an Island
Road construction, rehabilitation and Improvement Program  Local road rehabilitation/improvement of CruzCantores-Bago Road  Local road rehabilitation/improvement of DaitBugaong-Baluarte-Lubang Road  Local road rehabilitation/improvement of BaluarteCawag-Putingbato-Cantomogcad Road Local road rehabilitation/improvement of BaluarteCantuba-Cangawa Road  Local road rehabilitation/improvement of LubangNuevaMonata-Bunga Road  Local road rehabilitation/improvement of LusongCambio-os Road  Local road rehabilitation/improvement of BantuanBago Road  Local road rehabilitation/improvement of Cabul-an Island Circumferential Road  Local Road Opening of Panghagban-Nueva MontanaCawag Road (Reopening)  Local road rehabilitation/improvement of Lapacan Norte-Anonang Road  Local road rehabilitation/improvement of  Putting Bato- Candagit Road  Local road rehabilitation/improvement of  DaitLapacan Sur Road  Local Road Rehabilitation/Improvement of Rufohill – Pasanan Road  Local road rehabilitation/improvement of various roads  Improvement/maintenance of farm to market road (35 brgys)   Road Opening of Barangay Anonang to Rowena Heights  Construction, rehabilitation and improvement of drainage systems (all barangays)  Improvement of Drainage system (Poblacion and Asinan)   Improvement of Drainage system (Dait)   Improvement of Drainage system (Cangawa)   Flood control project at Bugaong Creek  River Control at Cangawa Creek  River Control at Dait River  Rehabilitation/ Completion of the Municipal Port  structures/facilities    Construction of Buenavista Central Terminal Environment
Environment Solid Waste  Management  Program  Establish  Sanitary Landfill    Construction of Material Recovery Facilities (MRF)  Conduct of Barangay clean up, LGU-led civic action / clean-up drives
Forest and  Watershed  Management  Regulation of charcoal production and transport  Purchase of lot for endangered animals  Construction of animal welfare facility Conduct massive reforestation   Reforestation / Tree plantation on idle lands  and in watershed areas (Timber and Fruit trees)  Mangrove Rehabilitation and aquasilviculture projects  Rehabilitation of protection zones (water sources, river banks)
Disaster  Preparedness  Construction of Municipal Evacuation Center with complete facilities  Installation of firer hydrant at strategis locations
Other Projects  Concreting/Landscaping of the Market Ground Area  Establishment of Central Business District and Economic Zone
Project Monitoring and Evaluation  Conduct periodic project review and assessment Identify, inform and conduct briefing on CSO participation in planning, programming, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation   Establishment of Public Information Wall, Transparency Board